About me


How is it that one gets stuck on watercolour painting?

For me it’s about curiosity and an exiting journey through chaos and order. The colour hue, the paper, the moisture in the brush, the individual character of each colour and your own state of mind make the watercolour so direct. You are always just a few brush strokes away from merely a flat muddy mess with no interest.

Sometimes the colour seems to blend in a chaotic way. During the drying process the character changes every second. Experiment by combining Ultramarine and Burnt Sienna together. Sit an enjoy the drama that unfolds on the paper while this mixture dries. That’s how you get stuck on watercolour painting.

My Equipment 

Paper: Most important. Use the best you can afford. I use  Saunders Waterford and Arches 300g (140lb). With bad paper your watercolour will not “sing”. The light comes from the paper. It is also easier to paint on good paper. Once again… Use REAL watercolor paper!
Brushes: Use as big as possible. A lage round mop #14 or bigger with a good tip. Lage flat 1″, a round #12 (good tip) and a rigger #2. With these you do everything.
Paints: I use artist quality tube colours. There is more pigment in them. Good brands are Daniel Smith (a favorite) Holbein and Winsor & Newton.

My Advice

DRAW, everything, everywhere. Have the sketch book in your hand.
The water will free the pigment. But be careful water is your best friend but also an enemy.
Indicate form and be aware of the tone. Tone is very important.
Seek unity, conflict and dominance.
Learn composition.
Paint a story, paint a mode, paint a feeling.
Practice, Practice, Practice…
Have fun!